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Where software grows and ideas flourish

Looking for an experienced team of software engineers to tackle a not so run-of-the-mill challenge? Look no further. We have the in-house capacity to do the UX and design, front-end development and (cloud based) back-end deployments and orchestration. Sure we can build you a website but our real craft is to build full blown applications deployed on the web or mobile devices.

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The SpringTree approach

A journey with an ever changing destination

We have never seen a project end up exactly the way it was envisioned when it started and this is not a bad thing. Projects we do end up better than expected through constantly adjusting and refining based on new insights. We keep clear and open lines of communication with our clients so they can essentially talk directly to the chefs. When has the road to success ever been a straight line? The hardest part is not doing the work but actually figuring out what the job is. A project is a dialog that needs to be ongoing. Clarity comes from the questions, answers and follow-up questions we ask ourselves and our customers. So please get in touch with us and at the very least we can exchange some interesting thoughts and suggestions.

Explore some of our use cases
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Doenkids x KidsKonnect

We've created DoenKids from the ground up using new tech such as Angular, GCP, Node.js, Express and Kubernetes, these solutions have enabled DoenKids to be used by thousands of customers.

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New Black x EVA

We've helped New Black in extending their EVA omnichannel e-commerce platform across multiple frontend platforms and devices. Using technologies such as React, Angular, Ionic, Redux, Recoil, Swift, Flutter and more.

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Efice x Catching Data

With the use of React, Recoil, DeckGL, Node.js and more, we've created an interactive map capable of showing fishermen their vessels trips, fish catch data, water salinity and much more; This allows them to easily optimise their fishing journey and fleet management.

Our clients

We can and have applied our trade to a wide variety of fields. We have customers in online retail, commercial fishery, government, internet-of-things, daycare and education. Below are some of the customers that have entrusted us with their challenges. Contact us if you would like to see your name here as well. Or we can keep it of the list and it will be our little secret. We love helping you all the same.

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SpringTree's expertise in web applications has enabled us to create a product that gives us an edge over the market. From start to end, SpringTree has proactively helped, acted and executed, which in return took a lot of work off of our hands.

Teun de Boer

Who we are

We are all engineers here. We love to tinker with tech and toys and if we can get away with it during work hours we will. If we like the way you think and you like the way we work, we could have a future together.

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The SpringTree blog

Saving real trees, one post at a time

We love digging into new technology here at SpringTree. Experimenting, reading and sharing our findings is something we routinely do in something we call “lightning talks”. These talks are short informal get togethers (usually on Fridays) where any nerdy topic goes. Some of those topics and talks are finding their way to the web, right here in our blog.

multiple of our posts from the blog

You actually read the whole website? Thank you for taking the time to do that. Below you will find the usual company banner details and links to our various social and tech hub sites. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have about who we are and what we do.